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We have absolute faith in the Dayton brand so we are delighted to offer this warranty redeemable at any participating FirstStop outlet

How does it work?

Repairable tyres
Puncture Repairs free of charge for tyres that can be repaired safely within the BSAU19F standard. The only condition is that the tyre must be legal and have at least 2mm tread

Non repairable tyres
If a tyre is damaged beyond this repair standard it will need replacing, then you only pay for the tread you have used as long as you have at least 2mm of tread remaining.

Replacement tyre tread used calculator

Tread Remaining
8mm FOC replacement
7mm You pay 20% of retail value inc. VAT
6mm You pay 35% of retail value inc. VAT
5mm You pay 50% of retail value inc. VAT
48mm You pay 70% of retail value inc. VAT
3mm You pay 85% of retail value inc. VAT
2mm or less You pay full retail value inc. VAT

In the interest of safety and economy you only pay for  a new valve (unless TPMS) and wheel assembly rebalance when a tyre is removed and refitted to a rim.

Terms and Conditions of Guarantee
Retain the warranty leaflet with the car in case of emergency and to speed up the processing of your claim
This warranty is only available for Private cars driven on the highway
Tyres that have been damaged off road or used by taxis or commercial vehicles are exempt.
Tyres over 5 years old are exempt
The Warranty is redeemable at participating Fast Fit site on presentation of this proof of purchase
The FirstStop warranty does not affect your statutory right

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